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Video Marketing is a fantastic way to market and promote your business through visual displays that can show the products you build, the work you do or a variety of the services you have to offer. Not everyone is keen to read layers upon layers of text so the use of Videos can provide an extremely effective and innovative way of marketing your business. YouOnly are believers that customers generally buy a product from the visual impact it has and the first impression you get from viewing it. By brining video technology into your website, you can increase the chance of that sale or gain some form of customer interaction.

Heres a Christmas Card we built for No4 Queen Street


The power is in your hands with photo or on site promotional marketing that allows us to help you create a moving video that showcases your services as a business. Using your photo gallery or media device, we can come up with a video that really sells your business to the public, providing large advances in conversion and SEO. People no longer have to scour your website looking for the information about you that they require, with Photo video Marketing, you can show the public exactly what you want them to see and they can find the information they require instantly. The videos can be embedded into the homepage of your website, immediately catching the eye of the customer and holding their attention, allowing them to see and hear your USP, and be introduced to your business.

For decades now, television companies have been using photographic video marketing to grab your attention via advertisements and infomercials. You wouldn’t buy any service without first seeing it so why should your website be any different? Show the customers what they want to see, show them some information about you, give them an insight into what you do and how you work and you will notice a significant increase in the conversion rates on your website.

Check out this one we made for Facebook to tell people about us

With our scripting and voice-over work, Google will recognise the keyword content and your website will gain added growth by the distribution to YouTube, Metacafe, DailyMotion but to name a few. Not only will you receive a copy of the work on DVD (if you wish) to use and potentially distribute as required, you will also be provided with video linkage through email, this allows you to send the footage out to customers new and old, and can be utilised for your own marketing when sending information out.

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