The Top 50 Most Used Instagram #Hashtags and what they mean

#Hashtags are a great way to boost the visibility of your posts on Instagram but in order to use them effectively you need to know which ones people are using the most and it would help if you know what they mean.

The following is a list of the 50 most used Instagram hashtags and their meanings, as you may notice some are self explanatory:-

1 love Self explanatory.
2 instagood Instagram + Good.
3 me Used when an Instagrammer posts a picture of themselves.
4 tbt “Throw Back Thursday”. On Thursdays, Instagrammers will post pictures from their past.
5 follow Used when an Instagrammer wants others to follow their account.
6 cute Self explanatory.
7 photooftheday Used when an Instagrammer posts their favorite photo on that given day.
8 followme See “follow”.
9 like Used when an Instagrammer wants others to “like” their photo.
10 tagsforlikes Another way of saying “like my photo”.
11 happy Used when the Instagrammer is feeling happy.
12 beautiful Used when the Instagrammer believes their image is beautiful.
13 girl Self explanatory.
14 picoftheday See “photooftheday”.
15 selfie Used when an Instagrammers posts a photo that they took of themselves.
16 fun Self explanatory.
17 instadaily Instagram + Daily Photo.
18 smile Self explanatory.
19 summer Self explanatory.
20 friends Self explanatory.
21 like4like Used when an Instagrammer would like to exchange likes on each others photos.
22 igers Short for Instagrammers.
23 fashion Used when posting pictures of clothing or their outfits.
24 instalike Instagram + Like.
25 food Self explanatory.
26 swag Short for “swagger”. Used when an Instagrammer is feeling confident.
27 amazing Self explanatory.
28 tflers “Tags For Likers”. Used to gain likes on their photos.
29 bestoftheday See “photooftheday”.
30 follow4follow Used when an Instagrammers will follow each other.
31 instamood “Instagram + Mood”.
32 style See “fashion”.
33 lol “loud out loud”.
34 likeforlike See “Like4like”.
35 wcw “Women Crush Wednesday”. On Wednesdays, Instagrammers post pictures of their crush.
36 l4l See “Like4like”.
37 nofilter Used when an Instgrammer would like to emphasize the natural beaty of their photo. The hashtag denotes that they used no filter to improve the photo.
38 family Self explanatory.
39 pretty Self explanatory.
40 life Self explanatory.
41 my Self explanatory.
42 webstagram A popular online Instagram platform.
43 iphoneonly Used when an Instagrammer is posting from an iPhone.
44 tweegram Used when the Instagrammer is sending their post to Twitter.
45 hair Self explanatory.
46 sun Self explanatory.
47 followforfollow See “follow4follow”.
48 f4f See “follow4follow”.
49 all_shots Used when an Instagrammer posts a number of photos in one.
50 instago “Instagram + GO”. Used when an Instagrammer is on the move.
50 bored Self explanatory.

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