Spamming Can Affect Your Blog & Website Rank?

Spamming Can Affect Your Blog & Website Rank?Spamming

Comments on a blog is the easiest way to share opinion, ask queries and engage readers in discussion. But nowadays commenting is done with an intention to get backlinks to website for improving visibility in search engine, this has happened mainly due to an assumption that having a backlink from those sites which is reputable and related to your industry will enhance the reputation of your website in Google’s eyes.

Therefore, every blog has to deal with comment spam, which not only degrade its quality, but also one among the 50  reasons that allow Google to penalize your web rank.

One should must know about the following-

  • Harmful spammer’s activities
  • How spamming affects your web rank?
  • How you can identify spam comment?
  • Preventive measures you must use

Harmful Spammer’s Activities

When spammers leave a comment it is tough to identify whether that comment is spam or genuine. Spammers try to target some poorly secured commenting system in order to get more and more backlinks. They create an automated spam robot that crawls over the web looking for an open comments. Once they find it, they hook in and start leaving comments over the hundreds and millions of websites about whatever they are dishing out, usually drugs, medicines, male enhancements, vitamins, gambling, porn etc.


Control these spamming and take the following measures-

  • Not allowing anonymous posting.
  • Use captcha field to prevent automated comment spamming.
  • Always turn on comment moderation.
  • Block comment pages using robots.txt or meta tags.
  • Use “nofollow” attribute for the links in the comment field.

How To Identify Spam Comment

Before moving ahead, I would like to define two interrelated terms that you will see in the comment section of your WordPress blog.

Pingbacks: Pingbacks are automatically created comment received when someone links to your blog posts or pages from one of their blog posts.

Trackbacks: In Trackbacks, you are manually notified by one who linked to your blog post within theirs. To automate this process, Pingbacks are used.

So here are some points that you need to look at your comments and determine whether you should approve it or not.

Commentator’s Link: This field may affect your website SEO badly if it contains the links of some irrelevant or low quality websites. So it is important to check the link or strip it before approving the comment on your blog post.

Duplicacy In Comment Content: It is important to check whether comment is specific to your post or not. It happens many times that the same content is already posted on dozens of blogs, so now it’s come through your blog, so disapprove such spammy comments.

Commentator’s Deliver Multiple Comments: Commentator’s follow many tricks and trials to promote their website or blogs. Using different email and website addresses, these SEO spammers have commented multiple times just to promote their phishing sites. So it is better to remove such comments.

Email Address Validity: Real audience does not provide meaningless or confusing email id’s but spammers uses, so it is better to verify an email address and check the real identity of a commentator.

Commentator’s Name: In order to game the search engine, spammers fill specific keywords associated with their web url in this field, but the real audience always provides a valid username. So it is necessary to check the name with respect to email address or the website url.

Preventive Measures You Must Use


Of course it is hard to stop the spam totally, but you can increase your protection level to prevent it.

Let’s look at some anti-spam WordPress plugins that helps to reduce spam comments or make it easier to spot it.

1. Stop Spam Comments

Dead simple and super lightweight anti-spambot WordPress plugin. No captcha, tricky questions or any other user interaction required at all.

2. Anti Spam

Anti-spam plugin blocks spam in comments automatically, invisibly for users and for admins.

3. WP-SpamFree Anti-Spam

Powerful anti-spam plugin that eliminates blog comment spam. Finally, you can enjoy a spam-free WordPress blog! Includes contact form.

4. Growmap Anti Spambot

Defeat automated spambots (even the new ‘learning’ bots with dynamically named hidden fields) by adding a client side generated checkbox.

5. NoSpamNX

To protect your Blog from automated spambots, this plugin adds invisible formfields to your comment form.

6. Math Comment Spam Protection

Math Comment Spam Protection asks the visitor making the comment to answer a simple math question. This is intended to prove that the visitor is a human being and not a spam robot.

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