Whole Being Films Video streaming

Whole Being Films Video Streaming Site

The Challenge

Elmer Postle, director of Whole Being Films, is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist based out of London, came to YouOnly after a referral from another one of our clients. Elmer have a very detailed plan of what he wanted giving us our largest brief yet at 17 pages. Whole Being Films is a video streaming and rental service of leading inspirational teachers from around the world to create engaging and informative work of real practical value.

The Solution

We worked together with his designer Avalon Dos Santos from PistachioCreative.co.uk to get the right exact look and feel they wanted. Then the Web Guys got to work making the back-end functions all work. We started with getting the shop set up we are using WordPress so the natural choice was Woocommerce, we needed a few plugins to really get the site working the way we wanted so we combined Groups, with Product Archive Customiser and Product Bundles. The site is set up to produce a randomised link on purchase of any stream product which will last for two years and a self destructing link for all rentals that works for 7 days or 14 depending on the product being sold

Elmer wanted an affiliates option so he could offer automatic % to customers who advertise Whole Being Film products, new affiliates get the option to sign up Elmer is then able to check out new sign ups and authorise them. Each affiliate is able to then sign in and access an affiliates only section giving banner ads, links and a full breakdown of sales their links have made.


Affiliate Programme

Fully functioning affiliates set up with banner ads, tracking codes and a full back office set up to calculate sales and payouts

Built on WordPress

Custom theme based on the WordPress framework using Woocommerce to add shopping functions

On site SEO

Every inch of the site is packed with all on site SEO options available as well and uploading site maps and tagging the site with tracking codes to allow Elmers to know where & how traffic is finding the site.

Streaming Video and Rental sales

Each product has a Purchase, Stream or rent option with the Stream and rent function providing users with unique page urls locked to that user.

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