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No4 Queen Street

Marion and the other 9 crafters and artists of No4 Queen Street, contacted us about bringing their online presence to life, in the YouOnly style.

No4 Queen Street is an exciting venture on the North Coast of Ireland – Coleraine. Which sees a group of multi-faceted crafters and artists showcasing and selling their handmade goods and art work. Everything at No 4 Queen Street has been individually designed and created so we spent some time looking at the products they sell and how they work and decided the site had to be all about there work in a very visual way.

We created a great site with the frontpage filled with images of their products to grab the eye and pull new customers in. No4 Queen Street is located in Northern Ireland this gave us our next challenge, we had to train all the team how to add posts, set up emails and just use the site as the majority hadn’t used a CMS based site before. As a starter we created a how to guide and emailed out to all the team a couple of weeks before flying over and setting up 1:1 sessions with everyone, working on their computers and with their content.

“This session was invaluable, yes i could follow the guide but having you here we have got so much more and been able to get extra parts added that we didn’t ask for or know existed.” Dawn

We are planning a 2nd visit in Jan 2015 to kick start there online shop and help expand revenue avenues.

The site is built in WordPress and hosted on one of our YouOnly managed servers set up to help small to medium companies get a real kick start on the web. Check out the site and get in contact if you need help getting you online.




Group Blogging

We fly over to Ireland and ran training sessions with each of the members giving each 1 to 1 time to show them the full features

Built on WordPress


Custom theme based on the WordPress framework using Woocommerce to add shopping functions


On site SEO


Every inch of the site is packed with all on site SEO options available as well and uploading site maps and tagging the site with tracking codes to allow the members to know where & how traffic is finding the site.


Room for expansion

We didn’t just stop at the blog we spoke with the members and set up in the background a full ecommerce build ready for them to grow online


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