Erremme Officina Meccanica

Erremme Officina Meccanica

Erremme Officina Meccanica saw our sites in the UK and knew that we could handle building them a great looking E-Commerce site, this was great timing as we had just signed a deal to expand basing our Italian offices in Turin.

We started by looking at the old site that was part finished by an old designer and sat down with owner Ali and Sophia to find out what they really wanted from a site. Sophia the brains in the office wanted an easy to load system to allow her to sell spares while keeping track of stock levels as well as take on-line payments and also allow booking of the italian version of the MOT, Ali wanted a stylish site that met the high standard his customers were used to.

So we worked together and created a WordPress & Woocommerce framework based site in 100% Italian packed with back end shop functions, booking management and a really simple yet reliable structure to work from.

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Erremme Officina Meccanica


Online Shop

Erremme Officina Meccanica has a great visual shop allowing clients to pick by name brand or visual choice with each bike and part covered though large thumbnails.

Built on WordPress

Custom theme based on the WordPress framework using Woocommerce to add shopping functions


On site SEO

Every inch of the site is packed with all on site SEO options available as well and uploading site maps and tagging the site with tracking codes to allow Erremme Officina Meccanica to know where & how traffic is finding the site.


Booking Forms

Erremme Officina Meccanica is not just about selling goods there is a full booking form so clients can book in have an MOT done or even just to have a change a of tyres. A massive selling point in Italy where online is fairly new.


Erremme Officina Meccanica

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