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Doodle Your Down There

When Colette contacted our head Web Guy Jon he was really freaked out at how small the world really was, as 3 years previous to the this new reunion Jon had sold his yacht to a Colette and her partner and here they were about to work together again.

Drifters - Doodle Your Down There

Ok back to Doodle Your Down There, Colette is a sexual health educator, researcher and writer. Her sex education as a young woman was rubbish and she experienced a lot of confusion during her early sexual encounters as a result. After 6 years of study, research and activism, she is now dedicated to providing fun, accessible alternatives to the unrealistic portrayals of sex and our bodies in mainstream pornography and the media. She’s been working on this book for over five years by approaching total strangers and asking them to donate a doodle! She knew of our sister site YouOnlyWetter and knew we wouldn’t be put off by the site of drawing (Infact Jon submitted his own). We met with her and discussed how the book was going to look and what feel she wanted to the site.

We created a very personal theme for Doodle Your Down There based around a notepad feel with an integrated shop, image lightboxes and the ability to show video directly on the home screen. The whole site gives the feeling of drawing and sketching, using the inside cover designed by Tim Cockburn as the background and all the drawings on the main page gives an amazingly individual, fun and friendly feel without detracting from the drawings. We are expanding the site with private user access to allow sexual health educators access a wealth of resources such a session plans and individual pages for easy printing.

Doodle Your Down There (Warning the site is NSFW)


The Site is built in WordPress and hosted on one of our YouOnly Hosted servers setup to allow content of this nature. Do you have an idea you want to get online? Get in touch with us now to see how we can help.


Doodle Your Down There


Online Shop

DYDT has a multi purpose shop selling printed and also supplying an Ebook version of the book for download

Built on WordPress

Custom theme based on the WordPress framework using Woocommerce to add shopping functions


On site SEO

Every inch of the site is packed with all on site SEO options available as well and uploading site maps and tagging the site with tracking codes to allow colette to know where & how traffic is finding the site.


Sexual Health Educators

The site is set up to allow coloured in images to shared back to the site and pushed out on the blog and to social media, we are working on stage two of the build which is a locked Sexual Health Educators section for lesson plans and support material.

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