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A Simple Life

A Simple Life

This is our second on the list of helper builds. Alex from A Simple Life was referred to us by another client because she was looking for someone, to not build her site but help her do it. She had been looking around for a while and hadn’t found the right person, that was until she met our very own Jon. Alex over 4 weeks came to our offices and sat with Jon to work though what she wanted and how best to make this reality, we started by getting the site pointed to our YouOnly Managed servers and installed a fresh WordPress to play with. She had very clear view on how she wanted the site to be seen by the outside world and the look she wanted from the overall branding of the site. We worked together over the month, training Alex in onsite SEO, WordPress and some basic CSS formatting, and finished with the great site below.

Alex came with some really cool ideas for her Logo and we worked with her to make this a reality creating a custom font and layout that she loved.

Alex YouOnly

If you are looking for website to be made or you want to work with us just like Alex did head on over and get in touch we can have you up and running in no time at all. This option is the perfect opportunity for those people who have the time and want to learn aspects of web development but don’t know where or how to start. We offer this service on a per hour basis with discounts for every ten, and this can also be an ongoing support. Come to us with a list of things you want to happen or changes you want to your site and we can sit down and help you figure it out and do it with you, giving you back the control of your website while staying away from those horrible online builders.




Helpful built

Alex worked with Jon to build her site learning the basics and seeing all the work that went into making her site having hands on decision making

Built on WordPress

Custom theme based on the WordPress framework using the Genesis framework


On site SEO

This packed with all on site SEO options available as well and uploading site maps and tagging the site with tracking codes to allow Alex to know where & how traffic is finding the site.


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