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wordpress-logo YouOnly cut its teeth working with small to medium sized businesses, from work at home parents, first time business owners, small online retailers, start-up recruitment firms and even the adult entertainment world.

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eCommerce-shopping-cart-wheel-services YouOnly has built a various collection of E-Commerce sites selling services and products. We specialise in building stores using an OpenCart & Magento platform

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hosting YouOnly as well as building the best websites also have the Servers based in both the UK and via super fast fiber lines in US we are able to offer a YouOnly managed hosting package for your need.

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Graphic Design Once you have your website or shop it doesn’t just stop there, think about promotions, Business cards, Flyers, Web Banners.

Building a website has never been so fun.

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Free CDN Services to Boost Your WordPress

In today’s world where the average Internet speed of technologically advanced regions exceeds 10 Mbps, it’s no wonder that CDN services thrive. And to speed things up even more, our readers from Kansas City, KS can enjoy speeds up to 1 Gbps – yes one gigabits per second, thanks to Google Fiber. As a downside to this race for faster bits, our attention span takes a toll and patience, becomes volatile. It’s always good to have your site powered by a Content Delivery Network. Not only does a CDN save bandwidth costs from your hosting provider, but your site becomes insanely fast and tends to rank higher in the search engines. You might have heard this saying: Some people say that nothing in this world is free, I say you just need to know where to look! We’ve all heard of Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud storage services. Their free plans offer a combined total storage space of 33 GB. (18 GB from Dropbox, achieved through referrals + 15 GB from Google Drive). Add in another 7 GB from SkyDrive and you have 40 GB. If you were to store all your photos since you got your digital camera – 40 GB might not be enough one day.   This is where Flickr comes in. Now it’s not a traditional cloud storage company but it’s the world’s no. 1 photo sharing place – long before Instagram. Flickr gives you 1 TB of storage – which for all photographic purposes, is practically unlimited. You could store a lifetime of photographs, and you still wouldn’t run out of space. Which proves my original point –... read more

How to Make a Custom WordPress 404 Page

So if you have been using the internet for a while you’ve come across a “404 Not Found” error page. 404 refers to the HTTP status code a page receives when a URL does not exist. So every time a user visits a link that doesn’t live on your site, they will be served a default 404 page informing them of that fact. There is a story that the 404 code came from the number of the first room to hold a WWW database server, but this is a myth. It’s just the number assigned by the W3C. The 404 page is relatively underutilized, often stating that a page does not exist without providing too much additional information. Fortunately, WordPress makes it easy to customize your 404 page, so you can use it to provide useful information to your users and direct them elsewhere on your site. How to Use a 404 Page A 404 page is displayed by your server whenever a page cannot be found. It usually indicates that a user has mistyped a URL, or followed a link to a page that once existed, but does not anymore. In general, it indicates that your user is lost. And your job, as a responsible website owner, is to help them find their way again. In these instances, your first priority is to the visitor, to provide an easy path for them to find what they are truly looking for. You can also add some comfort and ease to the page by making it consistent with the overall look of your site, and offering a sincere apology. So what kind of elements... read more

Welcome to WordPress 4.0 (Benny)

This week brings WordPress fans the much awaited update to WordPress and Benny (thats what they are calling it) is version 4.0 of the online CMS. Software often evolves to serve purposes beyond what its makers intended. WordPress stands as a classic example. What started as a simple blogging engine has become one of the most widely used pieces of software for maintaining both public-facing and internal websites. Today the WordPress blogging engine not only powers blogs but also works as a CMS, a social hub, a discussion forum, a feedback-tracking system, an e-commerce solution, and much more. With each new revision WordPress comes a bit closer to being a general content-publishing framework that businesses and enterprises could adopt. The key word is “could.” Preparing WordPress for heavy traffic and securing it for public-facing and even internal use requires some work. On the other hand, much of that work is made possible — even easy — thanks to the vigorous culture of development around the product. If you want to do something with WordPress, odds are good that someone else has already done it, and they know how to do the job for you. We are typing this post in WordPress right now while also working on 5 sites and 2 shops currently being built in WordPress so they have us well and truly hooked. So back to WordPress 4.0 (Benny) Manage your media with style Explore your uploads in a beautiful, endless grid. A new details preview makes viewing and editing any amount of media in sequence a snap. // 00:00 00:00 00:13 Working with embeds has never been easier... read more
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