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wordpress-logo YouOnly cut its teeth working with small to medium sized businesses, from work at home parents, first time business owners, small online retailers, start-up recruitment firms and even the adult entertainment world.

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eCommerce-shopping-cart-wheel-services YouOnly has built a various collection of E-Commerce sites selling services and products. We specialise in building stores using an OpenCart & Magento platform

YouOnly Hosting

hosting YouOnly as well as building the best websites also have the Servers based in both the UK and via super fast fiber lines in US we are able to offer a YouOnly managed hosting package for your need.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design Once you have your website or shop it doesn’t just stop there, think about promotions, Business cards, Flyers, Web Banners.

Building a website has never been so fun.

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The Very Best Blog Statistics WordPress

GET BEST BLOG STATISTICS FREE Everyone wants to know their impact on the world with these plugins you will be able to see, from where, how long, and what people looked at so you can see if the posts you are putting out are touching the right spot. BE WARNED this is very addictive and you can get stuck for hours looking at live people looking at your site 🙂 Here are the most top plugins to get your WordPress blog statistics. WP Statistics A comprehensive plugin for your WordPress visitor statistics, visit there website for all the latest news and information. Track statistics for your WordPress site without depending on external services and uses arrogate data whenever possible to respect your users privacy. Now includes support for not storing IP addresses in the database! On screen statistics presented as graphs are easily viewed through the WordPress admin interface. Hit sniffer live blog statistics Hitsniffer analytics is a powerful, yet simple, real time website visitor activity tracker and monitoring tool. Monitor your visitors clicks live and get useful stats and data such as referrers, bounce rate, link quality, search keywords, technologies used, OS, browser, came from and geo location city and country A time graph and much more advanced features are available such as goals and campaigns tracker for calculating return on investment and ratio. All in a live stream. All that you have to do is open the dashboard section and watch your visitor stream. It works on both Blogs and Websites.   Google Analytics Google analytics is one of the finest explorers of the data of your blog or website traffic. It... read more

Increase Productivity with these Chrome extension’s

So those around the office know I am a major procrastinator when I can be, and have lists a huge whiteboard of work that I can keep up-to-date with but if you want another idea then we have this list of Chrome extension’s that add-on & will help add more productivity to your day, Momentum The Momentum Chrome extension turns your “new tab” window into a constant reminder of your goals, providing you a spot for a to-do list and one main focus. It also offers an inspirational quote atop a beautiful nature picture.   The extension is simple yet effective, and productivity blogger James Clear would likely agree. One of his latest blog posts, “The Only Productivity Tip You’ll Ever Need“, encourages you to “do the most important thing first each day“. This will help remind you to do so. Time-Tracking Extensions Time tracking and analysis app RescueTime offers a Chrome extension to enhance its power and Limitless, an add-on with resemblance to Momentum, is self-contained as a Chrome extension. Both help you better understand how you work, where you’re wasting time and where you can gain time back.   Focus Reminders If you’ve discovered Facebook is the stealer of your productivity but you just can’t kick the habit of visiting it during the day, then apps StayFocusd and Time Warp can be of assistance. With time limits, reminders (like motivational quotes) and website blockers, these apps will make sure you stay on task.... read more

Microsoft Office is now free to use on Android

Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint is available for free on Android and iOS devices. It means that you don’t require a subscription to Office 365 for using Microsoft Office. In the other hand Microsoft has entered an agreement with DropBox Company to integrate its cloud storage service into Office on mobiles, tablets and home computers. Office accounts make for about a third of Microsoft’s annual revenue, according to the New York Times, so letting people access it for free is a big risk. Although Microsoft will continue to charge for access to Office on laptops and desktops and also some special features on mobile apps are only accessible to premium users. iOS version of Office is available from today and the Android version is available as a beta version and will get a full release in... read more
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