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wordpress-logo YouOnly cut its teeth working with small to medium sized businesses, from work at home parents, first time business owners, small online retailers, start-up recruitment firms and even the adult entertainment world.

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eCommerce-shopping-cart-wheel-services YouOnly has built a various collection of E-Commerce sites selling services and products. We specialise in building stores using an OpenCart & Magento platform

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hosting YouOnly as well as building the best websites also have the Servers based in both the UK and via super fast fiber lines in US we are able to offer a YouOnly managed hosting package for your need.

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Graphic Design Once you have your website or shop it doesn’t just stop there, think about promotions, Business cards, Flyers, Web Banners.

Building a website has never been so fun.

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Disable the Mini Toolbar Word 2010 and 2013

A couple of enhancements in Word 2010 and 2013 are the Mini Toolbar and Live Preview features. While these enhancements are welcome by some, other users may find them annoying. So this week is how to Disable extra features. The Toolbar pops up when you select text in a document. It allows you to change fonts, underline, bold, and italicize the selection and more. And Live Preview allows you to hover the mouse over different style types and instantly show you how the document will look with the changes. So to Disable the Mini Toolbar and Live Preview in Word 2010 and 2013 Click the File tab to access Backstage View and then click Options. Click General and under User Interface Options uncheck either Show Mini Toolbar on selection, Enable Live Preview or both then click OK. You don’t need to restart Word, the features will be disabled right away. Now when you highlight text, no more Mini Toolbar or Live... read more

The Top 50 Most Used Instagram #Hashtags and what they mean

#Hashtags are a great way to boost the visibility of your posts on Instagram but in order to use them effectively you need to know which ones people are using the most and it would help if you know what they mean. The following is a list of the 50 most used Instagram hashtags and their meanings, as you may notice some are self explanatory:- 1 love Self explanatory. 2 instagood Instagram + Good. 3 me Used when an Instagrammer posts a picture of themselves. 4 tbt “Throw Back Thursday”. On Thursdays, Instagrammers will post pictures from their past. 5 follow Used when an Instagrammer wants others to follow their account. 6 cute Self explanatory. 7 photooftheday Used when an Instagrammer posts their favorite photo on that given day. 8 followme See “follow”. 9 like Used when an Instagrammer wants others to “like” their photo. 10 tagsforlikes Another way of saying “like my photo”. 11 happy Used when the Instagrammer is feeling happy. 12 beautiful Used when the Instagrammer believes their image is beautiful. 13 girl Self explanatory. 14 picoftheday See “photooftheday”. 15 selfie Used when an Instagrammers posts a photo that they took of themselves. 16 fun Self explanatory. 17 instadaily Instagram + Daily Photo. 18 smile Self explanatory. 19 summer Self explanatory. 20 friends Self explanatory. 21 like4like Used when an Instagrammer would like to exchange likes on each others photos. 22 igers Short for Instagrammers. 23 fashion Used when posting pictures of clothing or their outfits. 24 instalike Instagram + Like. 25 food Self explanatory. 26 swag Short for “swagger”. Used when an Instagrammer is feeling confident. 27 amazing Self explanatory. 28... read more

The WordPress SEO Plugins You Must Have Installed

Ok dont be fooled by thinking that this list of really cool plugins alone will rank you on the first page of search engines, thats not how it works. There are some plugins (mainly the ones below) that will greatly improve your chances and your life a lot easier. We Build 100’s of new sites every year these 5 plugins you will find on everyone of them:- 5 Of The Best WordPress SEO Plugins Google XML Sitemaps Google XML Sitemaps is the first thing you should be installing on any new site if your thinking about what WordPress SEO plugins to install. Trust me once you’ve had to create a sitemap for a large and complex website then you fully understand how crucial this plugin is. Google XML Sitemaps automatically creates a sitemap for you and updating it with each new blog post, as well as automatically submitting your website to search engines which saves you the manual submission. WordPress SEO (Yoast) The Yoast WordPress SEO plugins are one of the main reasons why we love building websites in WordPress. This plugin alone make our lives a lot easier by compiling all the necessary on-page information we need into a simple space and saves our clients a fortune as well. Yoast is so effective because it makes editing titles, metas, permalinks and internal links a snap, as above a simple form after each page and post. ShareThis We have gone through a whole lot of different social sharing plug-ins and widgets and ShareThis won the fight. Super easy to install, requires no coding, and you’re able to customize the sharing bar with a ton of different social... read more
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