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wordpress-logo YouOnly cut its teeth working with small to medium sized businesses, from work at home parents, first time business owners, small online retailers, start-up recruitment firms and even the adult entertainment world.

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eCommerce-shopping-cart-wheel-services YouOnly has built a various collection of E-Commerce sites selling services and products. We specialise in building stores using an OpenCart & Magento platform

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hosting YouOnly as well as building the best websites also have the Servers based in both the UK and via super fast fiber lines in US we are able to offer a YouOnly managed hosting package for your need.

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Graphic Design Once you have your website or shop it doesn’t just stop there, think about promotions, Business cards, Flyers, Web Banners.

Building a website has never been so fun.

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Comic Sans The True Cost Of The Unassuming Typeface

Comic Sans, that unassuming jaunty typeface lurking inside millions of computers, has become the target of an online hate campaign. Simon Garfield explains why normally mild-mannered people are so enraged by its use. How did schools ever advertise their Christmas fairs without it? Has a homemade birthday card ever looked so friendly written in anything else? Have type lovers ever found anything they loathe as much? If you wrote these questions in Comic Sans you’d have something that was warm, inoffensive and rather unsuitable, a typeface that’s gone wrong. And you’d also have something guaranteed to provoke a howl of protest. Comic Sans is unique: used the world over, it’s a typeface that doesn’t really want to be type. It looks homely and handwritten, something perfect for things we deem to be fun and liberating. Great for the awnings of toyshops, less good on news websites or on gravestones and the sides of ambulances. Last year it stuck out like an unfunny joke in Time magazine and Adidas adverts, and even the BBC wasn’t immune, choosing the font to promote its Composers of the Year during the Proms. What can be done? One can buy the “Ban Comic Sans” mugs, caps and T-shirts, and help finance a documentary called Comic Sans, Or the Most Hated Font In The World. Black-tie do (not) Holly and David Combs, the husband and wife cottage industry behind, argue that the misuse of the font is “analogous to showing up for a black tie event in a clown costume”. Some of what the Combses have to say is tongue-in-cheek, but it is hard... read more

Block Someone From Your Facebook Fan Page

How To Remove or Block Someone From Your Facebook Fan Page Have you ever had someone posting inappropriate content or try to incite another fan on your Facebook fan page? It could simply be someone who tries to use your wall as their advertising platform. If you have asked nicely and they simply won’t stop, what are your choices? How can you remove or block them from your page? Here is the step-by-step process of removing or blocking someone from your Facebook Fan Page. Go to the Banned Users tab. I know, it is confusing going to the Banned Users tab before you have even banned someone but that is where you have to start! Go to Settings, click on Banned Users, and you should see a box that says ‘Banned’. Click on the arrow, and change this to ‘People Who Like This’. This will bring up a list of everyone who likes your Page. Find the person you want to remove. Click on the arrow next to their name, and select ‘Remove’. Once you click on this, you will also be given the option to permanently ban them. If you didn’t mean to ban them. Finally, if you find you’ve mistakenly banned someone and would like to remove the ban, simply go through the same process, but select ‘Banned’ from the drop down list instead of ‘People Who Like This’.  Click on the arrow to the right of the person’s name, and you should see the option to unban them. And that’s it! Hopefully this isn’t a process you need to do frequently, but don’t feel bad blocking or... read more

Its all about the mailing list

Every small business knows the key to success is their mailing list social media is good but its not your data, growing your mailing list is probably the biggest struggle i talk about with my clients after SEO. If you have had the pleasure of speaking to me about it you will have known i have tried a ton of plugins to improve my mailing list conversion rates. So below are the mailing list plugins I had the best success with. With the List Builder plugin, you can convert these one-time visitors into lifelong readers and newsletter subscribers. Our lightbox popover can be customized to automatically popup after a certain amount of time, or you can use our smart mode to ask your visitors to subscribe when we think they’re getting ready to leave your website. Each day, potential readers visit your website. The find a link to your blog somewhere, read one of your posts, and then disappear into some distant corner of the internet.With the Scroll Box plugin, you can convert these one-time visitors into lifelong readers and newsletter subscribers. The Scroll Box can be customized to automatically slide in after a visitor scrolls down to a certain point on your website. This is a great way to engage them when they are finished reading a post, not distract them in the beginning.   Subscriptions requires no special magic to activate. Once you activate Jetpack on your site, Subscriptions will be on by default, however, you will need to set up a few Jetpack features to take full advantage of this great service! Visitors can choose to subscribe to... read more
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