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YouOnlyBetter design outstanding CV’s to people looking to secure their next job. We hold a belief that the old format for CV’s is dead and a waste of time. Nobody reads the profiles in the current ‘I am honest and hard working’ format, people don’t pay too much attention to your education YouOnlyBetterunless its relevant to the role. (Is a GCSE in P.E really relevant to working in an office?!) and whilst you might think its cool that you did a parachute jump or go to zumba classes its not going to make me give you a job!

YouOnlyBetter have 20 years experience in the recruitment sector and know what employers are looking for. In terms of content we’re all over it. What we are not, is designers! We know that design lead CV’s grab employers attention, it won’t get you the job necessarily but it will get you into the yes pile. We are looking for designers to partner up with us, we have a huge database of job seekers and access to the job seeker market. We have a website with strong SEO as well as a team with 15 years experience in social media marketing.

What we need are designers to help us produce the templates so we can apply our recruitment and marketing expertise. We will offer multiple templates to our customers to choose from, we’ll do all the content for them and help them to make their CV look amazing. What do you get? If you produce a design for us and we agree to use it, we will post it on our site.

We set you up as an affiliate and any time a customer chooses your design you will receive 10% of the value of that CV For Ever.

If you’re interested in producing some designs for us, get in touch and we can discuss an initial brief and give you some examples of work that we like from other people. Once its all set up you don’t need to do anything we’ll just pay you every time a CV is purchased. We are happy to have a number of different designs from the same designer if we like their work so the earning potential is increased.

Call us on 01273 569 004

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