Cuaderno Bebitacora (Dual Language blog)

At YouOnly we are not just about making money from doing all the work ourselves, we can work with you and teach you the trade and be there to hold your hand through the difficult times. Jon our “Head WebGuy” has a background in teaching and training he likes to share knowledge, so when Eva approached us and asked for our help but not to build her site for her but with her, we decided this was a new opportunity and jumped at the chance to help out. (There are 3-4 others coming out very soon as well). Keep an eye out for the official information coming out soon as we offer this as an option on all YouOnly hosted domains.

So down to the site “Cuaderno Bebitacora”

It’s a multi site WordPress with both English and Spanish built on the same domain and some clever plugins working in the background to forward people to the correct site based on their browser language. You can try it out here Cuaderno Bebitacora. As well as making the sites look pretty and working well in both languages, we packed them full of the best plugins for speed and communication. Splitting the site in two gave us the option to make use of “hreflang”, to have Google and the other search engines know which Language to use and sort for the best possible SEO.

WordPress cuaderno bebitacora

This option is the perfect opportunity for those people who have the time and want to learn aspects of web development but don’t know where or how to start. We offer this service on a per hour basis with discounts for every ten, and this can also be an ongoing support. Come to us with a list of things you want to happen or changes you want to your site and we can sit down and help you figure it out and do it with you, giving you back the control of your website while staying away from those horrible online builders.

Get in touch for a chat and quote and have the website you want!

  • Thanks Jon for your help. You know exactly what you are doing and that’s great as most of the time I don’t even have to explain how I want my blog to look like, you pick out ideas (or requirements!!) straight away and you are able to advise accordingly.
    The blog now needs a bit of work my end, but again with your clever advice I know it will look great in no time 🙂

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