Six key points you should be following in every Blog

How to blog a good practice guide


Ok with all the sites we build for clients week in, week out, I hear myself repeating the same key points every time. So in this post I am going to be taking you through what’s going to work to give you a great blog post and very SEO happy.If you have a site built by us you will have Yoast SEO installed already and this guide will get you showing Green on every post.

1. 300 word recommended minimum

You need to be looking at a minimum of 300 words of useful content on your topic for readers to really get engrossed in, and read though, always have in mind the Flesch Reading Ease, which tells you if your post is considered OK to read. I break up big areas of text with images. (If you are using Yoast, this must include the focus keyword within the first paragraph)

2. An Image or two or three

Now make sure these images are relevant to the post, resized to allow a good size and have “ALT text” on each image. Alt text is important for screen readers to explain what the picture or image is all about. (If you are using Yoast, this must include the focus keyword as part of the Alt text)

3. Headings and title

A good length title with a <h1> tag which is over 40 charters but under 70, and then a subheading with a <h2> tag. You can use the title to add keyword variations or create compelling call-to-action copy. (If you are using Yoast, this must include the focus keyword toward the beginning is best)

4. Links

Links are good, its good practice to have at least one internal and one external link. Why you might ask? This can be explained as validating your blog, linking to another post, page or site that can give the reader extra information or one that helps you validate a point.

5. Meta info

Now there is a wealth of information on pages that is just there for search engines the meta set is just that. First off a well written 156 charters giving your blog a description, then a set of keywords a maximum of 12 words all separated by commas. (If you are using Yoast, these must include the focus keyword)

6.Focus keyword

Now i keep mentioning the focus Keyword Yoast explain it as “Think of the focus keyword as the topic of your page or post. A good post doesn’t have multiple topics, it explores one topic. If you enter a focus keyword, the Page Analysis functionality will use that as input for its analysis of your post.”

SEO is a steep learning curve at times filling in all of the above you will find hard to do, at this point why not reread the post and see if its worthwhile posting in the first place.

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