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OK i have been a little cheeky with the title there. Huge companies are out there heavily promoting on-line website builder solutions, (Wix, Weebly, 1&1, etc) so it’s no great surprise that a lot of people are attracted to them. They seem to be perfect for the small business owner who needs a quick and easy way to get a decent website on-line at an affordable cost. Except, these solutions are not the best and also not all that affordable. I am here helping small business owner’s day in day out at least once a week talking to someone who hates their Wix as it just doesn’t do what they want and don’t want to spend more and more and adding functions. So yes you might think all I want is for you to pay me to build it for you but that’s why I have given you a number of points, to think about before giving the on-line success of your business to an on-line website builder site.

Website builder

1. The Website builder designs are rubbish.

Well they are aren’t they? Some of them may look passable but have a considered look if you yourself have an eye for design, why not ask the opinion of a friend. The designs belong back in the Web 1.0 and really are nowhere close to quality websites. Sure, a couple of the examples provided look “OK”, but have you seen how they look once actually put to use? Your company graphic’s, colours, your Logo?

2. Your competitors probably have websites that will look the same.

Lets look at Wix currently on their site they have 510 different templates/themes, sound like a lot yeah? But think about it this way at time of writing they have created 49,748,099 websites those figures suggest an average of 97545 sites using each theme (very crude i know). As these themes are targeted as well, you’re bound to have lots of direct competitors that look the same. Google the name of the theme you like and see what’s returned, page after page of companies all with extremely similar designs this is NOT good for your business.

3. Free isn’t really Free.

For a start don’t get caught out by some of them whose free means a free trial then you’ll be charged monthly. 1&1 My Website are a huge culprit in this game. There are those where ‘Free’ means they put an ugly banner at the bottom of your website promoting themselves. This really undermines your brand, making it seem low-budget & low-quality. I see it all the time builders, men and vans etc, using Hotmail email addresses for £5 you can have your own domain and email set up in minutes giving an image of something bigger.

4. The designs are nearly always built heavily on ‘Flash’.

There are a number of very strong reasons for not making heavy use of Flash technology on websites these days but let me start with an obvious one Flash is inaccessible to a wide range of browsers, including the disabled, and is terrible for Search Engine Optimisation as many search engines can’t get at the text content held inside. Flash is bad for business, most on-line website builders seem to build Flash sites.

5. Limiting your potential to succeed.

These builders certainly help people get a very basic site up quickly and easily, but they are heavily restricted sites. In almost all cases if you eventually realise you need to add that little something extra and new, but your locked in to their system where you have little choice but to pay them, and living by their site rules & functionality.

OK if you agree with the above should you just pick YouOnly

Well to be big headed a little Yes, if you truly care about the success of your business it really is worth putting some money in to get a truly quality solution which will do your business justice. Have a look around, look at our builds up in the portfolio. We build on WordPress it makes it affordable to get a truly well designed site which isn’t in use by hundreds of thousands of others. WordPress is also widely accessible and very much future-proof, limited down the line only by imagination, YouOnly is built on a WordPress. Don’t believe you can yet get a quality website solution on-line for free. But think about talking to us and get one built to your budget.


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