Get Free Stock Photos: Picjumbo

Picjumbo offers free high quality stock photos which are updated daily. This site is maintained by Viktor Hanacek, a graphic designer and photographer from Czech. Every photo is organized into some categories, like wedding, technology, nature, people, etc, makes you easy to find your interests. You can freely use these photos for both personal and commercial purposes.


Get Free Stock Photos: Unsplash

Unsplash is open to any photographers who might want to share their photos for free. All photos are in high-resolution and released under Creative Commons 0, which is basically public domain. You can copy, modify, distribute for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. Since the photos are collected from many photographers, you may see more various photographic styles and interests there.


Get Free Stock Photos: Superfamous

Superfamous is the Los Angeles-based studio of Dutch interaction designer Folkert Gorter. The site covers stock photos under some categories like, social, aerial, biological, geological, psychological, phenomenological. While it’s free to use for both personal and commercial use, but it’s released under Creative Commons 3.0 license, so you need to put an attribution as a credit to the site.

Death to The Stock Photo

Get Free Stock Photos: Death to The Stock Photo

Death to Stock Photo provides totally free high-resolution stock photos to you monthly directly in your inbox. Most of the photos focus on lifestyle photography. You can’t download the photos directly from the site, you need to subscribe to their monthly newsletter instead.

Little Visuals

Get Free Stock Photos: Little Visuals

Little Visuals will zip 7 photos every 7 days and send it directly into your inbox. However if you missed the past weeks, you can download the archives from the site. Like unsplash, all photos are licensed under creative commons public domain deed CC0 so you can freely use it for all purposes without any permission or attribution.


Get Free Stock Photos: Gratisography

Gratisography provides weekly updates of free high quality stock photos. The site is maintained by Ryan McGuire and Bells Design. Like Unsplash and Little Visuals, all photos are also released under CC0 public domain license.


Get Free Stock Photos: Getrefe

Refe is a marketplace of the best high quality mobile photos. All photos are free for your personal or commercial projects. Every photos are submitted by different photographers, so you might find various photographic styles and effects used on the photos.

Jay Mantri

Get Free Stock Photos: Jay Mantri

Jay Mantri will update 7 new free high quality stock photos every Friday. Most of the images are daily object photographs. All photos are licensed under CC0 public domain, so you are totally free to use those photos for all purposes.

IM Creator Free

Get Free Stock Photos: IM Creator Free

IM Creator is a free website builder application which also provides some free resources like photographs, tempaltes, and icons, etc. It curated some creative commons photos from Flickr and categorized it into nice directories. You can find pictures with subjects from business, technology, food & drinks, sports, fashion, etc. I can say, this site is really a nice alternative compared to the other sites above.

Life Of Pix

Get Free Stock Photos: Life Of Pix

Last but not the least, Life of Pix also provides free high quality stock photos in weekly updates. All photos are licensed with no copyright restrictions, means you can use it freely for both personal and commercial purposes.

Those are 10 sites which I have subscribed and checked regularly. How about you? If you found any other great sites which are not on the list, you can share them on the comment sections. Cheers!